So I know that it will be okay, and that somehow I will manage to get everything turned in. But my professor (I have the same one for both classes I’m taking) puts a little note in to let us  know about how long each assignment will take. One quiz is estimated to be 5 hours, and the other is 4….what’s sad is they are about 10-15 questions each! This is on top of the few hundred pages we had to read this week.

It will be worth it……….right??



2016 Recap

How are we a week in to the new year already?? Is it just me or does time just seem to fly by with no regard for the rest of us?? 🙂

I am so excited for what this year might hold! After taking a semester off from school to move and get settled back in Arkansas, I will be starting classes again this month. Which, sadly means less blogging but I am determined to writ two posts per month. So please bear with me! 2016 brought so many changes in my life, and I will expand on many of those things as well as anything new! Read More »



Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!

While many of us love the food we will have today and possibly the company of friends and family, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the changes that have taken place in the past year. Some were great, others were not…. but I know deep down we all have so much to be thankful for.

Not to be cliche, but I really am thankful to have a warm home and food on my table. On days like today I cannot help but feel for those who are not as lucky. Those struggling with hunger and homelessness. I will stop myself before I get on my soap box, as I could start an entire blog devoted to helping end each of those!!  But I implore you this season, and through the entire year, to reach out to those who are less fortunate than you. They are victims of circumstance and deserve a warm smile and a helping hand any time we can offer it.

As much as my family drives me crazy, and they are not the most upstanding people, I am thankful for each of them. For even in their struggles I have learned from their mistakes and I have discovered how to love and forgive those who do not ask for it.

I am thankful for my fur babies! We do not know unconditional love until we have been loved by a dog. To live each moment to its fullest, to explore and love with all you have is what this life is truly about! My pups have pulled me out of the darkest depression, teaching me to forget and forgive, to find a new adventure live in the moment.

I hope each of you has a wonderful Thanksgiving, stay safe!



New Beginnings

The 10 Most Inspiring Quotes Of All Time

Some big things have been happening, I’m finally getting a chance to write about! This past weekend I accepted a job at the Habitat for Humanity, I will be an Assistant Manager at their store and helping with their HR duties! I feel so incredibly blessed with this opportunity! It has been a dream to find a ‘good fit’ within a non-profit, something that will allow me to grow and pursue more of an HR role down the line as I continue with my education.

I am so sad to be leaving my current position, and my city that I have grown to love but my heart is in Northwest Arkansas, it has always been home to me. I cannot wait to get back and settle in! In addition to a new job, I will be getting a place with Romualdo which is SUPER exciting and crazy! 🙂

This entire process has been a roller coaster of emotions. The hope of applying for a job, to the disappointment of getting passed over after two interviews and now house/apartment hunting. I truly believe this is a position that God has planned for me to have and I am so excited to get started! I’m sure I will have some great stories and struggles to share throughout the next several months!

Thanks, Meg.

The Zoo.

I have mentioned my pets before, but I haven’t really given a lot of detail. I’ve decided it’s time to introduce you all to my fur children. 🙂 Before anyone makes any rude comments, I KNOW they aren’t real babies. But until I have some of my own, these kids are my world!


Kiarra.JPGKiarra: I took this girl in about 5 years ago. She’s a German Shepherd/Lab mix and  belonged to my fiance(at the time)’s mother. Kiarra kept getting loose and killing livestock and the owner wanted to go dump her. Long story short, I took her in! When I moved to Tulsa, I had to keep her at my mom’s until I could afford and find a place that would allow her. This pup is like my shadow…unless it’s thundering. She is always by my side, watching over me. While she isn’t aggressive, she is very protective of me! She is my 50-lb lap dog who has nO idea how big she is.


Jax.JPGJax: The newest addition to our family! He is just over 3 months old. His momma was a black and white Cocker Spaniel, and we believe his dad must’ve been a Jack Russell. He’s so onry! The first puppy I’ve been around in many, many years – it has been quite the learning experience! I cant’ wait to see his personality develop, he loves everyone he meets!




Mitsy: I’ve had this sweet girl the longest! She’s been with me for about 8 years, she was around 2 when I got her. She’s a Siamese (of some sort). Mitsy runs the house – she keeps them all in line and doesn’t take any lip from any of them! She can lay in the same spot ALL day long but loves to look out the window and watch birds, or roll around in the dirt when I let her out!




We found Patches in a ditch about 11 years ago. She bonded with my younger brother and stayed at my mom’s when I went off to college. My mother moved a year ago and decided she didn’t want to keep Patches anymore, so I took her. She’s the sweetest cat ever! Her favorite place is at the top of my closet (don’t ask me how she gets up there).



Sir Pounce 2

Sir Pounce: Sir Pounce has been with me for about a year and a half. He was a stray at my mother’s, and they were going to go dump him (have I mentioned my mom HATES cats?). So, of course, I took him in. He’s the biggest baby ever. All he wants to do is lay on me 24/7. When I’m not sitting/laying down, he’s right under my feet.







Norbert & Shrimp: We purchased these guys about 3 months ago as a deterrent to getting a puppy – notice it didn’t work. 🙂

Your Wings Were Ready…

“A thousand moments that I had just taken for granted - mostly because I had assumed there would be a thousand more” - Morgan Matson. A collection of short funeral quotes to guide us through grief - by Memory Press, creators of beautiful, uplifting and memorable funeral programs.:

It’s been three months since you took your last breaths, and yet I’m still here. Clinging to the memories we had. I couldn’t be there every day, and spending time together was an event that didn’t happen nearly enough. Between working and building a life, I took for granted the life you had built. Your life that was strong, full of faith, a rock that I could always lean on. I couldn’t be there every week like the others, and this is something that I must live with. What I would give for just one more day to sit on that porch swing and enjoy the nice summer breeze while your barn cats curl up in our laps. I never dreamed that the end would come so suddenly, with no warning, no time to prepare.

But it is not about me. This is about you. The life you lived, the family you created, and the legacy you leave behind. You lived your life for the best. You showed us how to love and be loved. Never faltering from the wedding vows you spoke so many years ago. Maintaining your faith in everything  you did. As I look around, I see how much you taught each of us. Your calm spirit and stubborn demeanor have held on through us all, thank you.




Some people wake up each morning ready to tackle the day. I am not one of those people. 🙂 I set my alarm way early so I have time to hit snooze at least 3 or 4 times. It doesn’t matter if I am getting 8 hours or 4, mornings are just not my thing. However, I set out to make this year great, to make changes and begin new habits. One of these that I have been working on is getting up early and starting the day right! Below are a few of the tips I have been implementing into my routine. Don’t worry – this may take some time to get used to, but it will be worth it!
1. Not leaving my phone by my bed. This is a big one for me. I like to browse Facebook, Pinterest, or any other social media site before going to bed (which is also not good for your sleep cycle). Leaving my phone near me also makes it MUCH easier to hit snooze. I am still tempted to crawl back into bed – and I may have once or twice  – but typically once I’m up, I’m good to go!
2. Open your blinds! The best way to get your body used to waking up early is to let nature help! It can be tempting to keep those blinds shut, but letting the sunshine come in has made it even easier to not crawl back into bed once I turn off the alarm. It also helps perk me up a bit, as it’s a lot more difficult to be grumpy when the sun is shining!
3. Plan your outfit the night before. This is one of the easiest things you can do! I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t always feel like wearing what I laid out, and on those days I’ll find something else. But this at least gets my mind focused on the rest of the day. Especially for us girls, if we need to shave or not. LOL From my experience, you can tell a huge difference from the days that I plan my outfit from the days that I don’t. As you go throughout your day, you will feel more confident if you feel like you are “put together” well!

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The Day Everything Changed…

In a lot of ways, I could be considered lucky. There are some great memories I have with my father. Going fishing together, walks down dusty gravel roads, even getting ice cream and going on a drive.

Then one day, everything changed. Instead of happy, fun-filled memories, all I can think about are the things I don’t want to remember. The yelling, fighting, the violence. I remember screaming at him one night while he was drunk and mad that our dogs broke something.  He hauled them off and shot them. I remember the day that started off so perfectly, but will forever be remembered as the day I snapped. The day that my heart finally broke beyond repair. He shot my dog repeatedly as she tried to run away, he had gotten upset because she wasn’t minding perfectly – she was just a puppy, under a year old. Even sitting here typing this, I can hear the cries coming from her. It will haunt me forever. Sometimes I wonder how my life would’ve been if I would’ve pulled the trigger. Before it even happened I started crying and screaming. It’s like I saw it coming but couldn’t stop it. Listening to her suffer, my first reaction was to point my shotgun at my father. I sat there for a moment, without him even noticing, and something in me caught myself and I discharged the gun right over his head.

I’ve spent so much time reflecting on this day. If I made the right choice, or what would’ve happened if I had done the unspeakable. How many lives would be better off? How many innocent pets would have been saved? Would my family ever have forgiven me?

This was the day that everything changed. This day that I could not forgive him for. This day, that no matter how many years of therapy I go through, it will always haunt me. For the first time in my life, his violence broke me. I had grown up around the mental and physical abuse between him and my mother. But for the most part it had never directly hurt me. It was always towards each other, or towards my sister.

As much as I have struggled, I still have never forgiven him for this. Through all the years of seeing his anger I had managed to still look up to him, to believe that he could be good, that he could still be my father. Until that day, when I said goodbye to the dad I thought I could have and hello to a future without him.

Hello New Year!

Farewell 2015! It’s been a helluva ride, but I’m excited to put this year behind me and start fresh!

New Years Blog
In the past year I have had the chance to really put time into soul-searching and finding direction in my life. While I still have a long way to go, I feel that I am on the right track! I have developed a better plan for finishing my undergrad, and I have a few potential graduate schools I would love to get accepted to! This past summer I began reaching out to become more involved in my community. Unfortunately this was a rough start – as many organizations in the area are short staffed and it’s difficult to get follow through. But I stayed on track and have joined a young professional group with plans to join their “Get Out and Vote” committee and possibly another one, a steering committee for the United Way, and I was also asked to join the board for Mental Health America in Northwest Arkansas. This last one was a surprise! I had originally reached out to the board president when I thought I’d be moving to that area in October. However even though I don’t plan to move until this coming summer, they still want me to be a part! I’m so excited for these opportunities to network, to make connections that could possibly last a lifetime, and to make a difference in the communities Read More »