Weekend Fun!!

I had to share some of the things I accomplished this weekend!! It rained and rained here, so it gave me a chance to catch up on housework and complete a few projects I had started.

I had a chance to go to a Farmers Market a few blocks from my apartment, despite the rainy weather, it was a great turnout!.

Farmers Market Finds

I apologize that the picture quality isn’t great…I bought two succulents – only $3 each!

Some cat grass, because I always spoil them…

A bushel of green beans, which I made last night & they were delicious!!

Some spices, which I made on my chicken last night as well, it was a citrus herb, delicious!

And 3P’s Sinus balm.  I’m still on the fence if it was worth the $8, but I have sinus headaches ALL the time, so I am desperate for any relief!

Next is the finished product, I had an old fish bowl from my mom’s and decided it would be a great addition to my succulent addiction! 🙂

Succulent_Fish Bowl

I first placed the succulents in how I wanted them, then filled around them with the rock, and added a little more soil! So far they are doing great! 🙂

My final project took a lot of work, but it was definitely worth it!! I came across the random section of fence in an empty lot while walking my dog.  My neighbor (and longtime friend) was gracious enough to let me borrow his pickup to haul it back home. It was about 7 ft long originally, I used a hand saw to cut it down to size.  I wiped it down as well as I could, and then whitewashed it!  I used a 50/50 mix of white paint and water, and used about 3 coats.  Below are the pictures of the process, as well as the finished product!

Original Fence_HeadboardWhitewashing.1Whitewashing.2Finished Headboard

I’m fairly certain my friends thought I was crazy when I told them my idea…but it turned out pretty great – if I do say so myself! 🙂

I want to encourage each of you to get out and enjoy this weather, visit any local markets, and don’t be afraid to try something new!!




Change of Pace

I want to keep this blog a mix of the ups and downs…So it’s about time for some happy things to be posted!! I had the opportunity last weekend to just take some time for myself.  I slept in, ran some errands, and went to my favorite place – Home Depot! 🙂

Saturday I had the opportunity to go to the Vintage Market Days that were in town.  Can I just say..AWESOME! These events offer such a wonderful opportunity to connect with and get to know some amazing people in the community.  While many vendors were out of town, I was inspired by many women who simply collect items in their spare time and try to help others out.  I found some amazing pieces at great prices, simply because they knew what it was like to decorate on a budget! If you get the chance to go to this, or anything similar, I highly recommend it.  It only cost $5 to get in and there were some steals!!

This first project is one I had pondered for a while.  This actually used to be a chess/checkers/backgammon table.  Someone got it for me as a gift many years ago.  I had been using it as a side table – because I didn’t want to just get rid of it, but I had no use for it anymore. I decided to make an indoor garden with it.  This was so easy.  Painting took the longest, because I wanted it to look neutral, but not too black & white.  I let a little of the tan show through to give it the ‘worn’ look. I didn’t find a liner that I wanted.  I ended up just taping down a plastic bag.  I feel that if this would have just been a wooden box, I wouldn’t even need one, but since it had green felt I wanted to be safe.  I then put a layer of rock and then soil.  I chose the lava rock, because I liked the color  and it is light ( I live on the third floor of my apartment building ).  I purchased the soil specifically for cacti, but I believe I could have used any. Home Depot also has a little starter pallet of succulents, I got this and a few individual plants and worked them in together.  So far it is doing great!!

Great finds

This second one began as a charred piece of wood. literally the top left side of it was burned – I hadn’t realized this when I picked it up.  I got it for $4 at the Vintage Market. It needed a good cleaning, just a cloth & warm water did the trick! I then painted a white primer and then used an ‘eggshell’ white.  I purchased a bag of clothespins from Michael’s for $3.  And hot-glued some jute to the back of it.  I gave this to my mother for her birthday present.  It will go perfectly in her kitchen for pictures or just little honey-do lists, etc. I really wanted to keep it for myself! hehe

Moms gift

This third project may have been the easiest out of all of them.  A few weeks ago I made dinner and started to throw away the cans from my vegetables.  Then it occurred to me that hey – I may be able to use these one day for something! So i took some white spray paint to them…this did not turn out well AT ALL! the paint would not stick to the can and just kept running off.  So after cleaning up that mess I just decided to paint them with the same paint I used above, with a brush and it worked much better! I continued with my succulent obsession and put a layer of rock at the bottom, then dirt and my plant.  Just remember to be careful when re-potting the succulents, they are VERY delicate! 🙂

Succulents. tin can

Feel free to comment if I left out any steps that you may wonder about!! It’s spring – get out and do something! 🙂 🙂