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Thursday Pick-Me-UP

I just thought I would share a post.  If you aren’t subscribed to Elephant Journal, I highly recommend checking them out! I came across them about a week ago, and immediately subscribed.  Everyday I get an email that I’m actually looking forward to! 🙂

Below is a link to just some quotes that they have.  I wanted to share!

Happy Thursday!!



The Story of My Scars

I still remember the first time it happened.  When I was brave enough to pick up the scissors and bring it to my arm. While you may imagine doing this would cause pain, and you wonder how someone could pick up a razor, knife, or even dull scissors to do this to themselves, the relief one feels is almost indescribable. As if there is something evil pulsing through your veins and you just have to let it out. That the only way to get your head to stop spinning, for all of those horrific thoughts to stop, is to focus on the physical pain you feel.  So you cut, again and again.  A little deeper each time, because eventually you build a tolerance.

I started when at age 14, and even thirteen years later I struggle with it each and every day.  Below is an article that I came across, that really describes the recovery process for this. I just wanted to share.

The purpose of me writing this, is not for the attention or sympathy, but simply to raise awareness.  That this is not something to just pass judgement on.  My parents went through a terrible divorce beginning when I was 13, they finally had their final court date 14 years later…. But a few weeks after my father found out about my suicidal thoughts and my self-harm, we were in an argument.  He was upset and told me to just to ‘write my little sad notes and find a razor…”.  This has stuck with me ever since, and is something that I may never be able to completely forgive him for.  The fact that he didn’t even want to understand what I was going through hurt way more than a razor ever will.

Without having experienced these urges, it is seemingly impossible to connect on the same level as someone who is struggling.  Even if it has been years since they last cut, I can guarantee you they still struggle with the impulses.  Self-harm is simply a coping mechanism – no different from someone who runs to relieve stress, or someone who has a few drinks after work. Below is a great analogy that I found on Pinterest.  Please share. 🙂

A Therapist's Powerful Words On Suicide Will Change Everything You Knew About Depression #notebook

We hear over and over again that someone who commits suicide is “taking the easy way out”.  I don’t know about  you, but as low as I have been, the act of actually taking my own life is still a scary thought. And while I would NEVER advocate someone taking their own life, I do believe that for that person, this act is brave.  When their mind has turned on them, they want to save others from themselves, this is the only option that they see.

Each of us has a battle.  Each of us has a story.  What’ s yours?


This is a very big step for me, I love to write but it has always been a very private thing for me.  I may not be able to solve all of my problems but I can at least write out my thoughts and at least have them all out to see.  It is a type of therapy for me, something I can do when I am stressed or upset that always seems to calm me down.  I am, in general, a very private person.  It takes me a long time to open up to anyone but I am hoping this is a step to change that.

A friend asked me what I would write about….that is not an easy question to answer, as it will vary.  I seem to have an opinion on everything.  Whether I am analyzing a book or movie to simply discussing current events, or even just reminiscing a personal event, I will be sure to share.

Have a blessed day!