Not In My Presence


I recently began reading a book, called Uninvited by Lysa Terkeurst. While at first I was hesitant to begin reading it, the very first chapter had me casting all doubts aside. I am sure I will be posting more on this book, as I am taking my time and making sure to take in all that it has to offer when dealing with my own demons, but one particular anecdote I just couldn’t wait to share! The author tells a story of how she rushed to the airport to catch a flight and somehow left her luggage at the hotel. She tells of how she is talking down to herself – out loud – doing what most of us would do in that situation. Telling herself she is an idiot, asking who forgets their luggage, and so on….when she hears an airport employee tell her, “Not in my presence.” This statement caught her off guard, not realizing anyone could hear her. She reacted with an “excuse me..?”, and he said, please do not talk about yourself like that in my presence. (this recap is poorly paraphrased!!!).

This statement not only took the author by surprise, but it hit me like a punch to the gut. How often do we speak down to ourselves? How often do we put ourselves down, saying phrases that we would NEVER let a friend tell themselves?? We can be our harshest critics, but we often take things too far. Not only should we be building each other up, but as women (and men too!), we need to stop tearing ourselves down for being human. With modern technology and balancing career with family, we have more on our plate than almost any generation. We are constantly on the go, and things will go wrong. We have to remember that we cannot be everything to everyone. My challenge to you is to remember that statement the next time you are beating yourself up. Not in my presence. You are strong. You are competent. You are worthy.


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