2016 Recap

How are we a week in to the new year already?? Is it just me or does time just seem to fly by with no regard for the rest of us?? 🙂

I am so excited for what this year might hold! After taking a semester off from school to move and get settled back in Arkansas, I will be starting classes again this month. Which, sadly means less blogging but I am determined to writ two posts per month. So please bear with me! 2016 brought so many changes in my life, and I will expand on many of those things as well as anything new! 

2016 brought with it much excitement, heartbreak, and growth. I took a leap of faith and moved back to Northwest Arkansas, moved in with my boyfriend, Romualdo. We had been dating long distance for almost a year at this point and this was such a big choice for both of us that we did not take lightly. It has been the best decision. We have been able to grow together, working through little quirks that we each have. Being in the same city has opened up so many more possibilities for our relationship. We have found a church home that I love. Rom has been so strong and makes sure we are doing a devotional each day together to grow closer in our relationship with God.** We are still learning to balance our time together. I work two jobs, will be starting classes,  and he goes to school full time plus takes care of our pets and somehow always has dinner ready when I walk in the door every evening. 🙂 We want to both incorporate a healthier lifestyle on top of all of that. With a goal to go to the gym twice a week. Here’s hoping it works out!! We both are not skinny people, and want to get back to our healthy sizes. I know together we an conquer anything, and this will just take time and perseverance!

I initially took a job with a non-profit when I moved to Arkansas, and unfortunately it just wasn’t a good career fit. I am still volunteering there, but I ended up taking another position in December that isn’t perfect but it is much more in line with my career goals, so we’ll see where it goes!

This year we will be (hopefully) buying a house!! I’m so incredibly excited and anxious! We are struggling with apartment life here. Rom’s car got hit one night in our parking lot, our neighbors are very sweet, but wake us up every Friday and Saturday night around 2:30-3 when they come home from the bars…which gets our dogs worked up and then we’re up for at least an hour or two. I know that isn’t the worst thing ever, but on top of all the other little things going on here, it just seems to be the icing on the cake. We dream of having a yard to let the dogs play in, room to have company over to, and just a place to settle down and start on the next chapters of our life together. 🙂

My family continues to struggle to be, well, a family. My brother moved to Florida and seems to be incredibly happy there. He also let me know in November that I’m going to be an aunt! I’m continuing to learn that my parents are never going to change, and I cannot change them. This is easier some days than others, but I feel that I am getting stronger in dealing with it.

I hope each of you has a wonderful year ahead of you. I know it can be easy to be overcome with anxiety with things going on in the world, but no one can take your shine! Be strong, keep fighting the good fight, and every little thing will be alright!

**I strive to keep this blog spiritually neutral, as I do not want to push anyone away because they do not share the same faith I do. However, it is a part of my life and please feel free to just skip a post if it isn’t something you care about – but I just ask that you keep following me!


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