Helping From a Distance – Paris

In memory of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s “Dream” speech, let freedom ring for EVERYONE! SHARE this if you will NEVER BE SILENT about animal abuse! Photo Credit: © Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals

Since when did changing my Facebook picture actually help change the world?

Since when did liking a status or sharing a photo save someone’s life?

What about typing a prayer to post online, so that everyone knows you are praying?

I understand, when a tragedy this great occurs we look for hope and compassion anywhere it could possibly be found. I cannot begin to fathom the pain and horror of the events that happened last week. Along with thousands of others, I scour my Facebook, Twitter, and other social media looking for news to piece these events together and find answers.  I search for any way that I can help, any way to bring peace to those who are hurting.

What frustrated me with this is how it took this event in Paris to get us fired up about ISIS. Just as when the 9/11 attacks motivated us to go after Al Qaeda. The reality is that this state of terror and horror takes place in the Middle East EVERY DAY but we continue to turn a blind eye to it. We only care when it inconveniences us!

We only want to help when it doesn’t truly inconvenience us. We want to help from a distance, to not actually ‘get our hands dirty’. We enact the “Not my backyard” phenomenon. We would rather change the color of our profile picture for attention than quietly help someone in need.

Many states in America are saying they will refuse any refugees. Turning away thousands who are fleeing war, searching for their new place in this world, thousands who for once in their lives just want to know peace.

By no means am I an expert on Islam. But what I have researched, there are many similarities between it and Christianity. Particularly in regards to respecting those of other religions. In many respects, they are more peaceful than modern American Christians. We must analyze our own religions as harshly as we do Islam, if we did we would realize that we are not all that different. There are radical Christians just as there are radical Muslims. But that doesn’t keep us from practicing Christianity. I am a Christian, but I do not practice hate. I do not believe in judging and persecuting those who do not believe exactly as I believe.

We are all human, we all must help each other regardless of race, religion, disability, or anything else that may make us “different”.





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