Tinder: The Social Experiment

Is this really what life has come down to?

Call me old-fashioned, but I like to think I find someone to date based on more than a few bad front seat selfies.  Yet if the picture isn’t at least halfway decent, I’m not going to waste the time even swiping right.  I can’t speak for the guys, but I will say the dudes on there are pretty sketch. I’m very open minded and try to give everyone a fair chance – but I’m not looking to get murdered and dumped in a ditch. Just saying.

God forbid you actually do match with someone.  The awkwardness that follows is enough to make anyone go buy 5 cats and a moo-moo.  No one REALLY cares how your day is going, let alone .  Let’s come up with some better ice breakers?  I for one, will put any of the suggestions that are prompted, just to see the reaction.  I mean, why not? It’s not like I’ll ever actually see these people.

It amazes me that even when I specifically put in my profile that I am not looking to hook up, that’s the first thing a guy  might ask.  Like really?  Does that actually work for you?  I’m just going to invite you over and let you under my sheets?  Sorry, but I at least need a drink first….maybe a few if that’s truly all you have to offer. And don’t expect me to shave my legs.

Of course, there are the guys asking marriage questions right off the bat! I can’t decide which is worse if I’m being honest. At least suffer through the awkward small talk before you ask me what my 5-year plan is, how many kids I want, and my favorite…how often I plan to have sex with my husband. Which is exactly when my feminist side comes out, I’m not here to ‘serve’ anyone.  IF I ever get married, we will decide if we even want children, and how we can help each other!

Many times, I’ve wondered if there are just a bunch of old guys with beards sitting around reading everything sent on tinder.   Just taking notes at how our society is going downhill at an exceptional speed. Or possibly it’s some Divergent-like experiment where only the strong make it out alive?? We may never know!

Keep swiping!




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